The Procedure

The procedure: Concierge services and all professional fees, hospital, transfers and premium hotel accommodations.


In Peru SCT is regulated and approved by the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee of the Peruvian government in the Ministry of Health and we at Rejuvenare are consistently getting results that exceed our expectations treating heart disease.

Before any part of the actual procedure is done, the prospect patient must undergo an evaluation by Rejuvenare’s medical team to assess the their particular case and determine if he or she could be a candidate to later be later invited for treatment. Rejuvenare’s doctors will evaluate the patient’s current lab works and clinical and surgical history before anything else is done.

The whole procedure is an outpatient procedure, with both the harvesting of bone marrow and the implantation take place on the same day. Our minimally invasive outpatient treatments are performed and led by highly trained and renowned board-certified physicians from throughout the world and scientists specialists in regenerative medicine.

The Principle of what we do is very easy to understand:

At Rejuvenare all our focus is on the patient and on the patient’s specific needs. That is why we will customize a treatment plan based on an assessment of imaging studies and the patient’s medical or surgical history. Stem cell treatment at Rejuvenare is minimally invasive, same-day outpatient procedure. Our proprietary technology for harvesting of the bone marrow is a 20-minute process, painless and performed with local anesthesia. Both the harvesting of cells and the implant procedure are performed with local anesthesia. The patient is awake throughout the whole treatment and afterwards there is little recovery or down time needed.

1. Bone marrow is harvested from patient’s hipbone under local anesthesia. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and about 350 ml of raw material are collected.

2. The sample is taken to the lab. Stem cells are separated from the rest of the material and then exponentially cultured and processed. What started with 350ml of raw material is now about 40 ml of ready processed cells containing the markers to achieve the therapeutic application. The new stem cells are then prepared for implantation.

3. After cells are processed in the lab and then conditioned for the procedure, the patient is called back in and the adult stem cells are implanted utilizing Rejuvenare’s proprietary technology via a small catheter (in most cases) or by direct injection (or both) in accordance with the individualized treatment plan developed for you by the Rejuvenare medical team.

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is not a cure for disease but could significantly improve your quality of life and that of your family’s.

Following the implant of cells, the patient is sent to rest.

Later on the evening of the implantation, our doctors will assess the patient for discharge, and when released from the hospital, he/she will be transferred back to the hotel.

The patient is encouraged to rest and refrain from doing any strenuous activities.

Side Effects

Rejuvenare’s proprietary processing of the bone marrow has now consistently achieved the therapeutic expectations. However, that is just 50% of the therapy. The other 50% is the delivery protocols from our pioneer doctor’s tested, adjusted and rested to reach the desired optimized therapeutic effect. During our more than 9000 procedures we have not seen any ill side effects, only overall improvements of other untreated conditions. Most patients start feeling better within hours after the procedure is done.

Please also know that aside from treating your symptoms these powerful cells will travel through your bloodstream further benefiting you in other ways, as it will boost your immune system, giving you new energy and feeling youthful. It is not unusual for your cells to assist other organs in need.

Frequency of Treatments

Depending on how you react to the treatment and physical therapy thereafter, it is entirely up to you to repeat the treatment as reinforcement action, but it should be discussed as the treatment progresses with Rejuvenare’s medical team.

We strive to educate our patients for them to understand what to expect from treatment.

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