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"Before this, I had exhausted every usual solution for a failing heart, including a pacemaker. I continued to worsen. My wife was determined to help me live. She discovered stem cell treatments and researched companies with successful results.

This led us to Rejuvenare.

In 2010, I received my stem cell treatment from Dr. Tuma in Peru. I experienced relief, a surge of energy and was soon back on the golf course"


"In 2003, Scott was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. His health deteriorated over the next 8 years to the point his cardiologist gave him little hope. Dying was not an option for Scott. He began researching stem cell therapy and how it was helping folks who had his disease. Through his research he contacted Rejuvenare, and through testing we determined he was a candidate for stem cell therapy. In his own words:

“Finally somebody was giving me hope rather than a death sentence.”

Scott received his treatment at our facilities in Peru and within a very short time was beginning to feel like his old self."


"I am 74 years old, in 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and my condition worsened steadily. My 2009 my symptoms were so bad I stopped going out in public. Tremors and concontrolled movements and jerks were embarrassing. I couldn’t remember things well. I couldn’t keep u pwith simple everyday tasks. I was increasingly frightened and uncertain about life. In 2010 a stroke left me paralyzed with little movement except for my head. My mind continued to work but my body would not respond. I was imprisoned, unable to move except talk and blink.

I was without hope.

My son Carlo is the CEO of Rejuvenare, advanced stem cell therapy. he knew stem cell therapy can often help stroke victims and had my case evaluated by their medical director immediately. My body responded quickly and positively to this nearly painless procedure – and with physical therapy – I quickly regained movement and mental clarity."


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