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“Why should I choose
over other Stem Cell Therapy companies offering similar therapies?”

Many patients ask; “I had SCT (Stem Cell Therapy) elsewhere before, spent several thousand dollars and got 0 (zero) results. I am still sick and frustrated. It was a waste of hard earned money, how do I know Rejuvenare is not the same?”

Great question.

Facts: The FDA considers manipulated (expanded/cultured/ enhanced) Stem cells “A DRUG” therefore, in order to be approved in the USA; it needs to go through rigorous Clinical Trials. For any therapy to be approved by the FDA, it requires it to go through 3 phases of trials; 2 years to prove SAFETY, 2 years to prove EFFICACY and 2 years for a combination of both. This totals 6 years of mandatory clinical trials with the hopes that all will be just right. The truth is that, in the real world, these trials will take no less than 12 years to complete for a single outlined therapy to be approved. Not only that, but it comes at a very high cost, which in many cases exceeds 10 million dollars.

The proliferation, in the past year, of these so-called “Stem Cell Clinics” in the US is just a “fancy name” to deceive those suffering from life altering disease. THERE ARE NO REAL, LEGAL meaningful Stem Cell Therapies within the USA commercially available at the moment. There are, however, great clinical trials in which patients in need could participate within blind studies.

Patients need be aware that; there are a couple brand centrifuge machines (Used By these so-called “Stem Cell Clinics”) approved by the FDA. However, the only thing these machines do is spin bone marrow or fat cells at the patient’s bedside to obtain what is called “PRP” or Blood Plasma “Platelet-Rich Plasma” which contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate the healing of soft tissue. The cells obtained in this 15-minute procedure are simply NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH to achieve any meaningful therapeutic effect to support their claims of truthfully helping any organ or disease. The efficacy ranges from a placebo effect to a 20 % + of not sustained and unproven results. It may help minor joint injury or assisting cosmetic procedures, but that is it.

Countless scientific & medical publications have proven conclusively that only manipulated cells are powerful enough to achieve an actual therapeutic effect or have a chance of positively affecting any organ in need.

Rejuvenare Stem Cell Therapy has pioneered treating our patients safely and successfully in Lima, Peru since 2008 under bioethics highest international standards, where SCT is legal and regulated.

Rejuvenare’s medical board reviews every case to qualify a prospective patient. You will NOT be invited for treatment unless we strongly feel you will benefit from SCT. We reject all prospects that do not meet our criteria. We have treated over 3,000 patients safely and efficaciously, utilizing our proprietary cell processing protocols, and consistently meeting or exceeding our patient’s therapeutic expectations.

Our proprietary cell processing protocols are the result of due diligence and consistent readjustments that deliver the safest and most effective results.  Not all processed cells from bone marrow are the same, nor will they necessarily be effective or consistent.  There is a significant difference between processing cells in a fully equipped GMP level lab (A high tech 7 hour process) versus a simple centrifuge machine, spinning bone marrow or fat cells at the patient’s bedside (A 15 minute process on a bedside machine).

Rejuvenare’s proprietary processing of the bone marrow consistently meets therapeutic expectations.  However, that is just 50% of the therapy. The other 50% is the delivery protocols tested, adjusted, and retested by our pioneering doctors to reach the desired, optimized therapeutic effect.

About Rejuvenare

Rejuvenare was founded to bring back hope with an alternative option, backed by strong clinical science and rigorous clinical research, for patients with chronic disease who have often exhausted all other alternatives.

We change people’s lives, helping them to remember what happiness feels like. We are dedicated to bringing a new standard of care based entirely on factual science, academic validation, and, most importantly, past results. Rejuvenare’s greatest strength has been the identification of medical and scientific talent from around the world, creating a powerhouse team that has successfully treated more than 3000 patients on different conditions, pioneering the latest delivery protocols and processing of cells.

We are consistently achieving great results, which exceed expectations for heart disease, early dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, COPD and the other therapies we promote. Our therapies consist of cutting edge technology and newly pioneered methods, proven to be much more effective than controversial embryonic or expanded fat cells. Our proprietary technology for harvesting of the bone marrow is a 20-minute process, painless and performed with local anesthesia.

Both the harvesting of cells and the implant procedure are performed with local anesthesia. There is no down time and you are awake throughout your treatment.


Boutique Monterrico Hospital

Our New Boutique Clinic is a world class facility with the most advance medical equipment and beautiful and efficient infrastructure.

We take our mission very seriously as We Exist To Change Lives. Our patients are always surrounded with professional compassionate care as our bilingual staff is always ready to assist our patients every need. All of our patients and their families enjoy a personalized concierge service throughout their stay. Like any mayor hospital in the USA our sanitation standards meet and exceed the industry requirements.

Our Medical Staff is looking forward to being instrumental in returning to you and your family your quality of life so you can share precious moments for many years to come.

Doctors Hospital Nassau, Bahamas. 

Only for our Diabetes, PAD patients. As with any major USA hospital, we are always ready and vigilant to assure the best patient experience. All of our therapies are proven safe, and chances of any complication very slim like any other less invasive simple medical procedure.


Depending on how you will react to the treatment and physical therapy thereafter, it is entirely up to you whether to repeat the treatment. We only use autologous cells so you can repeat treatment as many times as you desire; it can’t hurt you. Some patients show amazing results and thus eagerly return for a reinforcement treatment after a year or more. The majority does not need it from our experience in 7 years of long-term follow up.

Our clinical research director always follows up with all our patients after treatment. You will continue seeing your doctor in the USA and taking medicine as prescribed by him or her. As you improve it is up to your physician to adjust your dose.

We have not seen any ill side effects, only overall improvements of other unrelated conditions. We strive to educate our patients so they might understand what to expect from treatment.

Rejuvenare provides 24/7 concierge service to all our patients, including transfers and accommodations for you and your guests. You will be staying in a Premium Hotel where will find yourself very comfortable at all times, as all our staff are fluent in English.

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