Rejuvenare Testimonials


Dr. LaRue MD came to us after long research regarding his options to his unforgiving progressing Parkinson’s disease.
A talented Ophthalmologist forced to retire early at his career peak.

I had the privilege of getting to know LaRue and his lovely wife once we had a chance to evaluate him to later invite him for treatment.
He was an excellent candidate for our SCT Stem Cell Therapy.

Usual symptoms; Tremor, some rigidity, loss of balance and his voice just started to soften.

When I asked Dr. LaRue what was it that bother him the most regarding his symptoms, the first thing he said to me actually surprised me as I never expected such answer…He said to me that two years ago he had lost his ability to “WHISTLE” I thought at the time he was joking… But no he was VERY serious about it.
His hobby and favorite pastime other than Golf was to Whistle with other friends whom share his artistic passion..
Well, I told him that from our experience treating Parkinson’s patients for over a decade The VOICE was the first thing that always showed improvement within hours of treatment but I knew nothing regarding his ability to be able to whistle again…

Day of treatment; Just six hours after we implanted Dr. LaRue with his own powerful cells I came up to visit him to his room…He was there resting with his wife and greeted me with a Big smile…So I asked “LaRue how are you?” He looked at me and start whistling….That alone made it all worth it!!!!

Dr. LaRue improved very rapidly and his quality of life was back again like it had not been for years. Six Months later I learned from him he had just won a Golf turnament for his age division…

One of my favorite most rewarding patient stories..

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