My journey began on summer 2005, when I was devastated to learn that a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with terminal dilated cardiomyopathy. At 40 he was given a death sentence and, faced with less than a month to live, he was devastated and had already exhausted all resources and options inside the US. It was not until further down the line, fueled by his wife and children, that he found an attractive and novel experimental treatment outside the US.

He traveled to Singapore and Thailand, where he had found a group getting promising breakthrough results with Autologous Stem Cell Therapy. The head research scientist and inventor of this revolutionary stem cell treatment is the brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Yael Porat, PhD from Israel.

My friend was implanted with his own cells and soon after, his ejection fraction (a measurement of the percentage of blood leaving your heart each time it contracts. During each heartbeat pumping cycle, the heart contracts and relaxes. When your heart contracts, it ejects blood from it’s two ventricles) went from non-existing to high 40’s – just about normal – and stayed there. That was 11 years ago.

Learning that our own cells can regenerate damaged heart tissue – when processed properly – even after catastrophic trauma gave me a whole new perspective to medicine and understood that Stem cell therapy was the future of medicine, I was suddenly very aware of our own mortality but in SCT saw the fountain of youth staring right back at me.

I travelled to Thailand where I met Dr. Porat, and, guided and mentored by her, I immersed myself in factual data backed by academic institutions and researching SCT progress outside the US. At that time, the Bush administration had banned Stem Cell Research in the US, giving in to large Pharma company’s interest, creating negative propaganda and resulting in a 10 year American setback in research and development at the expense of no-option patients in desperate need of this new technology. Since then, I have dedicated all my time and resources in finding, evaluating and nurturing medical and scientific talent, focusing exclusively on autologous processed cells (from your own body).

I formed Rejuvenare in 2008 and since then, our commitment and vision has remained the same; “to continue providing research and development to the highest standards within safety and efficacy in therapies validated by academic institutions, providing consistent results in therapies to treat progressive life altering diseases, giving hope to the hopeless and no-option patients whom are willing to consider alternative options.”

I have been blessed to cross paths with, now one of my best friends, Dr. Yael Porat, PhD, in this formidable quest to help humanity, and together, we share with our team and colleagues the highest ethic standards and honest caring compassionate principles.

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is NOT yet a cure for disease but it may significantly improve the quality of life of those who qualify and are invited for treatment.

The FDA does not regulate SCT so it is not offered within the United States. Clinical trials are being held to FDA specifications but, because such clinical trials are time sensitive and very expensive, it will probably take another 15 years for SCT to be available to treat some diseases inside the USA.

There are only a handful of reputable clinics performing safe SCT offshore offering consistency, safety and efficacy with real scientific study behind them.

Over the years, funding for Rejuvenare was extremely hard to secure since, to us, it was of the utmost importance to find the right humanitarian and ethical approach we collectively share as a team. We were never going to compromise our core values and principles to monetary interest. Now, we have just secured strategic partnerships with various academic institutions and are very excited for new cell lines we have developed and expect to soon start human clinical trials to address fascinating challenges such as addiction, Alzheimer’s, MS and perhaps imporve our already successful therapies for Parkinson’s, early dementia and stroke.

I myself am not foreign to uncertainty and life altering disease as I have lost my left kidney to cancer just now on 10.10.2016. Sadly SCT was not and option as I had a tumor that was housing clear cell carcinoma, and, because it was located in the sinus, the whole Kidney had to be removed in a total left kidney nephrectomy. However, less than 5 years ago, my mother had a massive stroke leaving her paralyzed from the neck down and was left only with the abilities to speak and blink. This time loss came at a much more personal level, but luckily Rejuvenare was already in place.

We treated my mom with our SCT and managed to reverse her condition and regain 100% movement on her right side and 50% on her left side. She could move and walk again and needed not to be carried and helped in the bathroom; something she described as the most

embarrassing thing she had to endure. Today, she just had her 77 birthday and thanks to SCT enjoying quality of life.

I know first hand and understand how it feels to be scared and faced by uncertainty. In the same way in which I 100% ok today and survived cancer, it could have gone in any direction. Having been faced with chemo (and all of what that entails), with a high risk of cancerous metastasis and a lot of uncertainty, I think all this happened to me to be able to relate in true self to your realm and, most importantly, to your beloved concerned family members.

SCT works! Regardless of what big pharma companies will have you believe. They will attempt to discourage you from learning more and opting on trying this novel alternative approach. I can assure you that if this doctors or other opinionated folks with 0 experience or true knowledge on SCT were the ones suffering from a terminal, unforgiving and progressive disease, they would be first in line seeking treatment.

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