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Here is a simple non scientific explanation:

As we develop in our mother’s womb we are connected through the umbilical cord, delivering everything the unborn child needs to form their organs until the time of birth.

The miracle of life is contained within the blood inside the umbilical cord, supercharged with potent “Mother Cells”, also known as “Stem Cells” and they are so potent they have the power to create tissue and organs.

When we grow up, our Stem Cells are no longer that powerful and are somehow diluted circulating in our blood stream. They can heal us when we get sick but CAN NOT repair an entire organ that has suffered major trauma, like a heart attack, Stroke or any progressive disease.

The Principle of what we do is very easy to understand:

The highest, usable concentration of Stem Cells is located in our bone marrow. Although still diluted it allows us to collect enough of it to later process in our lab and separate all that we need to heal/repair/help any organ in need…

When we harvest 350 ML of raw bone marrow, we process it with our revolutionary proprietary technology and are left with 35 ML of the purest, most concentrated and potent cells the patients had.

Those 35 ML contain pure markers; specifically CD 34 and CD 33 cells.

These PURE Stem Cells are now ready to go to work and when delivered directly via a catheter they will heal/repair/help any targeted organ like the heart or the brain.

The future of medicine lays within; as all we are doing is using our own concentrated cells to heal/repair/help an organ in need or reverse unforgiving progressive disease.

It is all about improving the “Quality of life”.

What makes a Stem Cell Therapy successful or not has to do directly with the quality of the cells processed in the lab and the delivery protocols. At Rejuvenare Stem Cell Therapy, we have mastered safety and efficacy with our proprietary protocols.

None of the SCT (Stem Cell Therapy) offered by Rejuvenare Stem Cell Therapy are “EXPERIMENTAL” as we do them in a routine most efficient way following each time our proven protocols in Peru, a country where SCT is Legal and Regulated.



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